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Michelle Stewart - Professional Coach and Industrial Psychologist

Not only does Heidi bring her special brand of infectious positivity to every engagement but also her vast knowledge and experience in the learning and development space. Heidi is able to make every learning journey exceptionally meaningful by relating practical examples and personal stories to learning material. As a co-facilitator she is an absolute pleasure to work with - highly professional, creative, passionate and considerate. I hope we will enjoy many opportunities to work together in the future!

Donna Grey - Director, Corporate Finance, FTI Consulting

It was so great being in Heidi’s audience again! Her session on personal branding with our ladies for Women’s Day was thought provoking and definitely challenged a lot of us in the room. Thank you Heidi!

Richard Warren-Tangney - Chief Audit Executive, Sasfin Holdings Limited

It was an absolute pleasure working with Heidi again. She brought an incredible positive energy to our group, while still engaging and ensuring learning took place. This is a rare talent where someone can enable learning without people realising they are growing and developing. I look forward to working with Heid again very soon!

Megan Steyl CA(SA) – Manager, KPMG Learning & Development

Heidi is truly one of my favourite public speakers and facilitators. She has the ability to make her audience feel at ease by being able to connect with her participants on a deep and meaningful level. She is able to accomplish this through her descriptive storytelling and sharing of her personal and professional experiences. Her Chartered Accountant background paired with her immense knowledge and understanding of Adult Learning and Development makes her not only a very credible speaker, but extremely relatable to a vast array of individuals. Heidi brings an element of humour and fun into all the presentations that she delivers and keeps her audience captivated throughout!

Manuela Dias (CA)SA – Supervisor, KPMG Learning & Development

Heidi’s greatest asset is her passion for people. This enables her to achieve what few people can – meaningful connections with participants. Absolutely impactful. The professional and personal growth I have been able to achieve due to the coaching I’ve received from Heidi is immeasurable.

Ashleigh Alistoun CA(SA) – Senior manager, KPMG Learning & Development

You can clearly see when Heidi is facilitating that she loves what she does. She really has fun when she is talking in front of others and it’s infectious to the audience. Heidi has the most amazing ability to embed messages in a presentation through storytelling. She is an incredible storyteller and takes the audience on a journey throughout her presentations.

Clint Van Heerden CA(SA) – Senior manager, KPMG Learning & Development

Heidi is one of the most insightful and articulate presenters I’ve ever had the privilege of listening to. Her ability to read, react and respond to people and their emotions is something truly magical and is guaranteed to leave audiences more enlightened, more aware and more of a whole person than they were prior to entering the room. Highly recommended!

Charli Himonga CA(SA) – Senior manager, KPMG Learning & Development

In her facilitating and coaching, Heidi provides valuable and thought-provoking insight with the ability to make a specific topic relatable and real. She always adds the perfect dose of humour in her sessions, making them fun and engaging. In all the enjoyment, she brings across the importance of the specific skill or topic in relation to your role or life. I have learnt an incredible amount from Heidi which has been invaluable to me personally and professionally.

Marian Ceronio-Duxbury – Supervisor, KPMG Learning & Development

Heidi is passionate about training. She has great empathy and holds the audience captive.

Dillshaan Kearns – Administrator, KPMG Learning & Development

I have had the honour of watching Heidi present at a training course we hosted. She was phenomenal. It is like second nature to her – the audience remained captivated and was thoroughly entertained by her. Heidi knows how to bring a message across to a diverse group of people and has mastered the art of storytelling that allows people thinking further that the present.